Ik ben, je suis, I am.

Ten things you probably don’t know about me, which will make reading this blog much easier:

1. I have lived in Burlington, Vermont; Bangor, Maine; Falmouth, Maine; Villanova, Pennsylvania; Portland, Maine; Nijmegen, The Netherlands; Paris, France; Orleans, France; and Boston, Massachusetts.

2. I went to boarding school.

3. I have had varying levels of commitment to vegetarianism over the last 10 years. The most notable exception was when I was pregnant, and wanted turkey sandwiches.

4. My husband is 8 years my senior.

5. I am a certified yoga teacher.

6. My father died in a motor vehicle accident when I was 10. My two sisters and I were in the accident too. He was a neurosurgeon, and we were all brought to the hospital where he worked.

7. I have a not so secret fetish for nautical attire, and a preppy hippy look.

8. My favorite way to spend a Friday night is eating a delicious meal and dessert with my family, then getting in bed early to read and sleep.

9. I fancy pink manicures.

10. I was hospitalized for four months when I was 18.


My thoughts...

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