October Eve

I do not like the Fall.

There, I said it.  It is a little difficult for me to admit, having lived in New England for the vast majority of my life.  People not enraptured by Fall are in the minority, and maybe looked at weirdly when they don’t chime in with their favorite apple dessert or avow love for sweaters and boots.

I mean, in theory I like Autumn, but all those cheery cool weather activities you do on dark nights and brisk mornings usually overwhelm me with change.  Going from having long free days with simple attire, to suddenly needing sweaters and eating dinner on a schedule in the dark is raucous.  I’m handling this season in the South terribly maturely.  As I observe in this blog constantly, we’ve had tremendous amounts of life change; but, I haven’t had bouts of crying or days of the nebulous blahs that usually come with seasonal vicissitude.  I’m sure my father dying in the early Fall has something to do with not greeting the fall colors enthusiastically.  But there are new and unmistakable signs of Autumn here: I’m starting to get goosebumps if I sit too long on the porch after the sun sets, and wearing long pants during the day is not a ridiculous proposition.

Flowing with the rhythm of the earth, I think I am honing on where I belong in this world.  I am excited to go to the beach tomorrow. Swim in the salty water, dry myself on the sunny sand.

Just wanted to publish, on the eve of October, one of my happiest observances about my new state.

I do still love boots and sweaters though!

Thanks for reading, lovelies.


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