Ways and Measures

There are a zillion measures by which I can assess my life.  Don’t judge, just obsere; the various ways by which I look back at my existence so far:

running routes I’ve mastered
Falmouth’s Woodlands; Portland’s Back cove; Nijmegen’s Groesbeekseweg to Heilig Landstichting; Paris’ Bois de Vincennes; Cape Elizabeth’s Route 77;  Boston’s Mass ave bridge to Longfellow bridge loop; Quincy’s Wollaston Beach

libraries whose stacks I’ve meandered
Bangor Public, Falvey Memorial, Glickman Family Library, Radboud University Library, Bibliothèque Nationale de France, Boston Public, Annenberg, Whitman

breakfast routines
toaster strudles, big sky toast & butter, honey nut cheerios & banana, fresh water and air, scrambled eggs & spinach, coffee & cigarettes, yogurt parfait, agave oatmeal

things I’ve given up
meeting real or imagined ideals, cow’s milk, meat, finishing books I do not enjoy, self-pity, an insistence that my closet be neat at all times, weekly manicures, monthly running goals, yearly resolutions

activities I’ve dabbled in
jewelery making, painting, smoking, drawing, dancing, political activism, theater, organized socializing

hobbies I’ve acquired
yoga, running, reading, body building, traveling, serving tea, writing, juicing


My thoughts...

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