Live Writing

Last night I had a break through. Of sorts. 

I tackled conversation.

“But…you were alone last night, no one was here but you.”

“In writing, I mean.  I got over my fear of punctuating conversations.  Commas and periods and semicolons are confusing as a reader, so how can I put into writing the kind of mood I’m trying to portray when I want people to speak?  I’ve figured out my preference between the stream-of-consciousness post-modernists and the proper punctuation usage Romantics.”

“What are you then?  What did you decide?”

“I’m a live writer.  At least that’s my word for it.  For now.  With blogging you can always go back and change something, delete or edit.  Each entry is cataloged, search by category or tag.  So me…I’m a live writer.

For now.”

Don’t you just love the way crisp writing looks on a page?  The visual aspect of writing is inappropriately important to me.  A real writer has a gift that lies in words not images.  A real writer should be more concerned with the langue than the parole, right?


My thoughts...

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