Boston Basket List

There is a lot of stuff I love about Boston. However, we have lived here for 5 years, and to me that is the end of an era. It feels like just a few weeks ago I was unpacking a maze of boxes in our lovely apartment on Beacon Street.  But those 900 square feet got small fast, and for the last year we’ve lived in Quincy.  And I’ve hated almost every minute of it.  It is a “full-service” building that has covered parking, a concierge, a fitness center, a dog park.  But it overlooks train tracks on one side and the Neponset bridge on the other.  We rushed into renting this apartment because we suddenly needed more space with the little one on the way.  Good thing I’ve been too busy the last eight months to really care that I can’t walk outside my front door and go for a walk in nature.  I do not want my son to grow up remembering that he overlooked a parking lot outside his first bedroom.

As fate has it, we’re moving to Charleston, South Carolina.  Next month! Just like the funny combination of circumstances that brought husband down there for the last month, it feels as though everything has fallen perfectly into place for us to move now.  No lease to pay our way out of.  No job I’m going to tragically tear myself away from.  My good friends are all splattered around the country now, and our family is ready for a big change.  Massachusetts was a fine place for me to work on my education and for Kevin to broaden his professional network, but my heart has never settled here.

However, there are still things I will miss.  And there are things I hope to experience before I leave, and many others I hope to re-visit.  Its not like we’ll never be back to visit, but it definitely won’t be quite as easy to run up the street to the epic Copley Square Farmers Market.

So this isn’t exactly a “Bucket List” because I think that implies a list of things one is hoping to do for the first time.  I call this my Basket List.  A little more whimsical of a title for a list that concedes nostalgia.

Boston Basket List
…in no particular order of importance

  1. Visit the Institute for Contemporary Art
  2. Eat Pho in China Town after seeing a movie at the AMC Boston Common
  3. Take Homer for a swim in the fountains in the Public Gardens
  4. Go to the North End and eat at Pomodoro
  5. Visit Miniluxe then wander down Newbury Street with Pinkberry in hand
  6. Stalk Walk by Tom Brady’s house on Beacon Street
  7. Hit up Back Bay Yoga for as many classes as yoginily possible
  8. Get an ice cream from that truck at the corner of Arlington & Boylston
  9. Walk down Comm Ave and take a picture with the dancers’ sculpture
  10. Go to BPL and think philosophical thoughts in the Courtyard
  11. Go to Pawsh and buy Homer a special treat and visit Balky
  12. Laugh at the tourists in the Gardens taking pictures of the squirrels
  13. Get breakfast at Cafe Vanille, curse the narrow sidewalks of Charles Street on our way to eat said breakfast beside our favorite fountain in the Garden
  14. Go to the top of the Prudential Tower and marvel at the city
  15. Read some T.S. Eliot in the reading room at the Boston Athenaeum

Its not long. Its not ambitious.  But it perfectly captures what our life has been like in this part of the world over the last 5 years.  I’ll leave it to you, my dear readers, to determine which one of the 15 activities above I have not done yet.

But #3 you may safely eliminate.


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