Things that are really hard about being a temporary single mother

  • Coming home, feeling sick, and realizing it will be at least 2 hours until I can curl up in bed
  • No comforting rhythmic breath beside me while I fall asleep at 3am
  • Morning runs have been put on hold
  • No one to make me fresh chocolate chip cookies, then serve them to me in bed with a cup of tea
  • Taking out the trash is always my responsibility
  • I have no one to blame for leaving dishes in the sink
  • My sounding board, comforting presence, personal masseur, chauffeur, and the love of my life  are all almost 1000 miles away
  • You can’t smell via face time
  • I walk out the door each morning not entirely sure if I’m covered in dog and infant detritus or not
  • I have to take my car in to the shop to diagnose the weird humming
  • I feel really guilty getting a babysitter so I can  just have an hour to myself when I’m not sleeping or working
  • Its a little weird writing yourself love notes to put in your lunch
  • I’m terrible at cooking one of my favorite foods, salmon
  • No one gives me a hard time for eating pizza 5 nights in a row (only bad for my healthy side, however)
  • I have no idea if the Celtics have won or not when I go to bed
  • There is no one to steal sips of coffee from
  • I have to decide for myself if an outfit is work appropriate or not
  • Hauling a load from BJs out of the car takes 3 weeks
  • I have to remember to pay all the bills
  • Its hard to hit the minimum amount for restaurant delivery
  • The first adults I talk to for the day are  usually either the Brazilian maintenance man in the building, or my co-workers
  • Those horrible diapers (you know, the ones that make you wish you had 4 hands) set me back 30 minutes and two outfits

Are these superficial?  At least they’re true.  I spared my (two, three?) readers the lovey points I think in my head every other minute.  I miss kisses, cuddles, and other thing too.  But like the song says, a big yellow taxi came and went, and took away so much more than just the one I love.


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