Things that are not so bad about being a temporary single mother

  • Full ownership of a queen size bed each night
  • Having the TV always on the same channel when I turn it back on (HGTV or Contemporary Classical music station)
  • Half the amount of laundry
  • Eating pita chips in bed
  • Going to bed at 8pm without any guilt
  • Ordering things for Father’s day and not worrying about hiding places
  • Eating whatever I want for dinner
  • No slimy meat pans soaking in the sink
  • Talking to my mom on the phone at 10pm in bed
  • Totally free weekends to schedule play dates with friends
  • A neat and orderly refrigerator
  • Getting to be the one to check the mail everyday
  • Two sons (one furry, one human) to myself 100% of the time
  • Two bathrooms at my disposal
  • Getting the top spot on all the coat hooks
  • Keeping the stroller handle in my preferred position
  • Sitting with my feet on the table
  • Ben and Jerry’s Chocolate Therapy, straight from the carton, at 4pm
  • Getting all the good stuff from the farm share (raspberries this week)
  • Seeing the dirty clothes on the floor as artistic not messy (smelly boy socks = dirty; pretty floral dresses = strategic)

My thoughts...

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