Post crossing

I joined another website today.  Its so me though.

Out of all the errands I ever have to do, getting to the post office is by far the hardest.  I stock up on stamps whenever I can (I’m a sucker for those cute endangered species stamps, kind of like stickers for adults,  right?), but even though there is a mail box in my building, I’m guilty of going through my week and continually passing by the box.  My internal dialogue:

It would be so nice to surprise our friends who made us dinner last night with a prompt note in their mailbox, so I’ll just hold on to this and drop it at the post office, it’ll definitely get there way faster that way!

Then inevitably I’m too engrossed in my drive to recall the thin envelope buried at the bottom of my bag.

This is the website: Post Crossing. Basically, you register, and then send postcards to random strangers around the world (and receive random post cards from other random strangers). I wrote in my profile that I’m an “ex-world traveler seeking to fulfill my zeal for international adventure.” I’m sure I won’t discover another culture’s way of taking their tea, or how to say “thank you” in Icelandic, but at least I won’t be dealing with jet lag and living out of a suitcase–though I’m even romanticizing those two negative aspects of travel right now in my mind– because it’ll be a while, years even, before we’re ready to embark on any grand travels again. So through this endeavor I’ll be attempting to placate my need to explore the macro. We”ll explore our micro locale, share it with Hildy, from Germany and save the big adventures for when our family is a little more aware of the great wonders the world has to see. 

Because tonight we played with a plastic spoon and a buckle for 20 minutes.  I know this stage of wonder at the mundane is not going to last very long, so we need to fully focus on it right now.

I mentioned I’m horrible at making it to the post office.  This Post Crossing exercise will hopefully train me to realize how simple it is to integrate it into a weekly routine.  And, since the post office is the main place for passport applications, I think its safe to say it’ll definitely be a while until we can make that happen–parents have to apply together in person to get a child’s first passport.  That’ll be some interesting coordination!  Until then, I’m content to discover some local Massachusetts color and share it via post card.


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