Perfect Chaos

A friend asked me today if I still blog.

“Yes,” I wanted to resoundingly reply.  Though knowing well that it has been over a week (or two??) since my last entry.  I unexpectedly was able to leave work earlier than planned, so now I’m sitting here, opting to produce instead of consume (i.e., write instead of read).  A fundamental change in how I indulge in a free evening from one year prior.  But this is what I see as a major (perhaps even the) future role for libraries: places people go to for inspiration, facilitation, education, creation, production, preparation, generation, fructification, formation… (did I just write the sequel to this song perhaps?) How appropriate–Olympic trials as a metaphor for the new role libraries have in today’s world.

But as usual, I digress…

Life these days has been……..bound by a routine of chaos. (Got that???)  Gym, juice, nurse, commute, listen, respond, evaluate, act, commute, eat, brush, sleep.  Throw in a random great night of sleep, some cake, a few bottles of wine, and there you have the main ingredients of my life.  Oh, and work.  Right….

I had a job interview yesterday, and despite my highest aspirations for an offer, I’m sadly only now admitting that I just don’t know how it went!   The head HR rep described the perfect person for the position as someone who can “thrive in chaos.”  Darn, I wish it was appropriate to go into one’s personal life during an interview!  I juggle all my life’s balls with such ease at times it looks like I’m playing toss with the angels.  I can interrupt myself on Tuesday, and continue mid-sentence Thursday without skipping a beat.  And yet, I meditate.  I am (generally) calm.  I do not drink coffee.

Anyways. I intended a photo blog post tonight.  But I think I illustrated well the beautiful mess that is my life right now–28 years old, two years into marriage with the man of my unexpected dreams, raising a six month old infant together (and a six year old dog), early in my career and wild about prospects and aspiration, planning our first home purchase….I’m falling more deeply in love with life the more chaotic it becomes.

Token photo:


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