This week has necessitated a great deal of courage.  Contrary to how I appear at work and throughout my daily tasks, I am shy.  I do not like undue attention, and I typically do not like to be singled out.  However, in the past week I’ve had lots of instances where I’ve needed to forage ahead without considering whether or not my quiet self would be comfortable.

  • I had to explain to a stranger (admittedly, an elderly kind librarian) that I needed a private space to pump milk during our library legislative day at the State House.
  • Trying to help a friend through a bout of depression 200 miles away.  She is usually my comfort, so the role reversal has forced me into unfamiliar territory–I’m usually on the receiving end.
  • Accepting an offer to speak on a panel at the Massachusetts Library Association Conference this year.  Great for my career, not so great for the little voice inside me that prefers to sit in the back and listen.
  • I am seriously thinking hard about whether/when I can share my blog with the world.  I’m overly thrilled by the five visitors I’ve had so far.  But since this is pretty much a running dialogue of my inner thoughts, its kind of like letting the world read my diary.  I don’t want to go back and censor anything, but there are certain facts of my life that I’ve been taught to keep private.
  • Going for a run in the mid morning heat.  My face turned an uncomfortable shade of red, and I had to walk through the lobby of my building to get home.  I should hold my head high fresh off of a three mile jaunt, but I’m always embarrassed by my sweaty post-run look. Fail.
  • Giving the baby a bath on my own!  Success.
  • Drinking chia seeds.  They’re actually delicious mixed with cherry juice.

My thoughts...

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