Settling In

We’re on a roll in this new life.

I’ve slept more than three consecutive hours every night for the last week.

My metabolism is starting to understand that no, I’m not an ultra marathoner, I’m just trying to nourish my baby, and I do not (regularly) require 6,000 calories per day.

My future goals look out more than a week ahead.

The laundry is (almost) all folded. The kitchen is clean. The bed was made until I got in it.

I’ve made it 26% of the way through a book.

There are plans for Saturday that include my mother watching the baby and me going out with old friends.  To a party.  Wearing a dress and heels.  (Maybe I’ll even use a small clutch!)

No major tears to wipe today.

I’m sleepy, and its bedtime.  Maybe I’m going to emerge as a mother even better than I was before.  More determined and focused.  Hey, even if I’m just focused on sleep right now, it is a great start for this previously life long insomniac.



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