Happy anniversary, to us!


We had such a fun day, two years ago. I am constantly reminded by the people who came to celebrate with us that it was such a fun way to commemorate our nuptials. Seriously, when was the last time you went on vacation with your sweetest friends and funnest family members? Huzz wrote this on my facebook wall today: “2 years ago I was playing golf in Mexico before our wedding, drinking baby bottles of beer and shots of tequila. I was ordering two entrees at every meal and snacked on these crazy little tacos that may have been made from Mexican puppies. Today my shirt is soaked in baby drool and milk puke, I have had no time to make coffee or drink any water, and I haven’t eaten anything since 7 o ‘clock yesterday…But I wouldn’t change a thing. I love you. Happy Anniversary! xo”

He is my prince charming, and I am so lucky. In fact, he captured the essence of the day quite well. There was a lot of leisure that day in paradise (well, 10 days for us). While the boys played golf and indulged in Mexican cocktails, the girls visited the spa and took a walk on the beach. I wasn’t even faintly nervous, just SO excited, I could hardly contain myself. Even our photographer commented on their blog about my overflowing squeals of happiness! Check out our slide show to join me in a walk down memory lane and some fun in the sun.

I have been happy in my life, very happy. But two years ago today, I was ecstatic. It was an overflowing of joy, (maybe fueled in part by champagne), that I simply could not experience again because I’m not sure my heart could handle that much excitement and pure energy! Although the wedding, the first honeymoon, and the second honeymoon, are all long in the past, the joy continues to this day. It is a sleepy kind of bliss, but just as sublime.


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