3am Clarity

This morning at approximately 3am, I had the perfect name for my new blog. I didn’t even remember that I had this epiphany until now (7:42pm), and I also seem to have forgotten said name.

It seemed to come to me in a dream, and now that the waking reality of life has consumed the day, it has gone.

I have had a productive day, however. Left for the gym at 6:05am so I could get there and back before huzz left for work. Ran a solid 3 miles on the treadmill and followed it up with some smooth arm work. My arms are actually sore for the first time in….a year?! Its so crazy to think back to this time last year. We had just realized Mr. Rex was a viable embryo, and I was just getting ready to trade in my intense workouts for more mindful endeavors.

I’m so ready to have dynamic fun at the gym again:

  • swinging kettle bells
  • doing justonemore pushup
  • testing my maximum squat capacity
  • doing an entire workout of core exercise
  • getting so tired I just want to collapse and eat

Although that last bullet might not be so possible in the months ahead. Early morning, pre-work work-outs have always been my favorite, so I should be fine with those…but its the once per week leisurely weekend afternoon gym sessions that I’ll have to figure out. Huzz and I used to lounge in bed all morning, wander to the coffee shop with the dog, take our time getting ready to make it to the gym around 1pm. Now, babysitting ends at 12, and its only available on Saturdays. I feel guilty getting a babysitter on Sundays, so I have to make Saturday mornings my dedicated gym time. Without a long morning to fuel up, I’m sure those 2+ hour workouts are mostly a thing of the past. So, here is what I look forward to at the gym now instead:

  • Pilates Reformer
  • Getting back into running (its been over 3 years since I’ve run more than 5 consecutive miles!)
  • Huzz trainings–he recently coached my Turkish Get ups
  • A general focus on getting stronger instead of vague superficial ideas like having my arms look good in a bathing suit.

Anyways. The baby sleeps, so must I. It is not even 8pm, but I sense a night full of feedings, so I should get some rest while I can.



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